July 12, 2024

Reasons to Become A Nurse Practitioner


A nurse practitioner is an advanced-level nursing professional. Their qualifications give them the authority to write prescriptions and diagnose on behalf of a general physician.

However, they do not always need to work under a physician. With a nurse practitioner degree; they are able to work independently.

Why Should You Become a Nurse Practitioner

1. It Pays Well

Often, there is a belief that no matter how hardworking a nurse practitioner is, they will always be paid less than a doctor since they do not have a Doctor of Medicine degree. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. According to the latest reporting, a nurse practitioner is generally paid more than $100,000 a year.

They generally have a higher salary than most RNs and some general physicians. In some cases, their income is even more than a resident surgeon.

2. Get Into Healthcare Without as Much Schooling

If you want to become a primary care physician or a surgeon, you’ll need to complete eight years of schooling, then your internship, and residency, followed by a fellowship. This will take quite a long time to finish.

However, if you wish to get into the healthcare industry without spending as many years on education, then becoming a nurse practitioner could be the path for you.

You’ll need to become a registered nurse first. From there, the number of years to complete yournurse practitioner degree will depend on if you go to school full-time, or if you decide to work while going to school part-time. If you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to your studies, getting your degree online is an option that many students are opting for. These online nurse practitioner program details can help you determine how long it’ll take to complete your degree online.

3. Travel Opportunities

Traveling is a unique perk to be aware of if you decide to go into a healthcare career. As a nurse practitioner, you can always work independently, which means you can work in different settings, such as in a hospital, in social services, and even households.

Since nurse practitioners can work in a variety of places, and they’re in high demand, it gives you the freedom to look for jobs abroad. Along with a good salary, you can have opportunities to travel the world as a healthcare practitioner.

4. Constant Learning

If you are working in someone’s home, there is a possibility that you are with that patient 24/7. You are diagnosing them, checking their progress, analyzing their charts, and are also in charge of their medication.

This can pose an excellent learning opportunity since you’re caring for a changing body. Plus, nurse practitioners can also be responsible for holistic healing, which means they are not just responsible for physical healing, but also mental and spiritual healing.

5. Work In Hospitals

Since you’re already a Registered Nurse, you can work as an RN in hospitals and other healthcare sectors. For example, there are nurse practitioners who work as independent nurses in households and then, on weekends, work as an RN in hospitals. This is especially great for when you’re just starting out and you might not have enough experience to receive a higher paycheck.  

The Right Path

When we think about the correct path for ourselves, it is not always about what we had a calling for in childhood. When it comes to today’s ‘calling,’ it can center around having a job that pays well to sustain yourself, as well as giving yourself a sense of fulfillment.

If you have an interest in the healthcare industry and would like to see yourself traveling abroad while receiving a good salary, then becoming a nurse practitioner could be the path for you.

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