June 20, 2024

Why Understanding Pain Types Matters: A Conversation with Dr. Brandon Claflin

The feeling of pain is subjective, often making it challenging for medical professionals to quickly determine a diagnosis and how to ease the person’s symptoms best. However, one of the most valuable ways to determine what is going on is with the patient’s help. There are typically five types of pain: chronic, neuropathic, acute, radicular, and nociceptive. When the patient understands more about the pain types, it is an ideal way to assist their doctor, allowing for more effective communication and a collaborative treatment effort between the two or more parties.  

It Can Help You Do Better Research

Understanding the type(s) of pain you have and can better explain your feelings can allow you to do more comprehensive research for your own sake. You can read more about pain types and their signs and symptoms. Once you confirm with a medical professional what type you have, it can allow you to concentrate specifically on your diagnosed pain type to learn more about it.

This understanding can help you do more focused research about what you can do to feel better, what proven and experimental treatments are available, and what you can avoid doing that might worsen the pain. It also allows you to gain insight from other people experiencing the same pain type, such as in support groups and/or through online forums, as a way to ask for advice, educate yourself, and build camaraderie while you boost your support system.

Yes, a good doctor will guide you through your diagnosis and treatments, but when you do your own research, you become your own advocate. You can write down possible treatment options and/or techniques to bring to your doctor’s attention before or during your next appointment.

It will Let you Better Communicate With Medical Professionals

When you understand how to describe your pain and feelings, it makes it easier to communicate that to your primary doctor and other medical professionals. It can be beneficial for doctors who are actively trying to understand more about what you are experiencing and your condition as a way to properly treat you and alleviate your pain. 

You Can Find the Ideal Health Professionals

Knowing the type of pain you have and thoroughly understanding it can assist you with finding the ideal health professionals to help with your pain and ease your discomfort. For instance, you can find a doctor who specializes in your type of pain and seek the services of a massage therapist who is comfortable helping lessen your pain symptoms.

You Can Have a Better Understanding of Normalcy

It can be worrisome when you start feeling an odd pain you have not had before and wonder if it is typical or something else is going on. Understanding the different pain types and knowing what symptoms are associated with each can help you determine what is considered typical for your particular pain type(s) and what is not. 

Pain is a sign that something is wrong within your body, so if you are experiencing a feeling or symptom not commonly associated with your pain type, it could indicate that you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor or seek immediate medical services. Depending on your situation, it may end up saving your life or helping to prevent a severe injury or complication.

It Can Allow You to Receive the Right Treatment

An excellent doctor listens to your feelings, what you say about your pain symptoms, and when you say something is wrong. They do not dismiss you or what you are feeling, especially if you are describing your symptoms and pain levels in great detail. Knowing what symptoms are associated with your particular pain type and others lets you know that your doctor is giving you the ideal treatment based on exams, tests, and how you say you are feeling. 

Contact Dr. Brandon Claflin in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when you want a pain management doctor who truly cares about your feelings and pain level. Having a doctor on your side who wants to understand why you are feeling the way you are and wants to help you do the same can make a significant difference in managing your condition in the short and long term.  


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