April 18, 2024

5 Tips To Choose The Right Fertility Clinic

Most couples would agree that starting a family is a major life goal. Although infertility rates have been on the rise due to a number of factors such as modern lifestyle choices, delayed marriages, and stressful job environments, the good news is that fertility treatments are more effective than ever. The number of fertility clinics and specialists practicing in Dubai is also rising rapidly as a result of this trend. With no dearth of viable options, how do you pick the right one?

When deciding on a fertility clinic in Dubai, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Knowledge of the treatment from multiple angles

Experience in a wide variety of fields is essential for doctors, clinics, and laboratories specializing in fertility treatment. For instance, just because a clinic offers egg freezing does not mean they are experts at thawing eggs. Because egg freezing and thawing are such sensitive procedures, you should only work with a clinic that has a good track record of success with both. However, it is important to remember that while experience can enhance the probability of success, it does not guarantee it.

Online Reviews

Going beyond the data and looking for reviews from other people helps once you have narrowed down a selection of clinics or doctors. On what aspects were the clinics helpful? Were their doctors accessible and interested? Did the specialists answer all their queries related to fertility treatment? Reviews can be vital when making a final choice.

The infertility subreddit on Reddit is also quite helpful. Members of this community have or are now undergoing assisted reproductive technology treatment, and as a result, are quite involved and active in this topic. Some users ask for suggestions on good local medical facilities and doctors. Previous clients have also left reviews, which are available. Your access to reviews may be restricted by where you live, but they are still a valuable resource.

Clinic Size and Outcomes

The larger fertility clinics in Dubai usually have more patient resources and better access to laboratories that run longer cycles and collect more data to further optimize their procedures. On the contrary, a larger proportion of patients report experiencing greater care and consideration at smaller clinics (69% versus 61%, respectively). Therefore, it is important to find a clinic where the benefits outweigh the risks.

Avoid programs that do not display their success rates publicly

The majority of programs will proudly display their achievements on their official webpage. A red flag should be raised if a facility does not disclose its results or does not seem to be completely open and honest about its practices. It could be an indication of the facility’s poor performance. Fertility outcomes, however, may be very sensitive to patient selection and fertility risk factors. Inquire about the proportion of people who have achieved their goals while in a similar situation.

Verify Your Insurance Coverage

As infertility treatments and testing can cost a lot of money, it is a good idea to confirm if your health insurance covers the procedures. Check out which facilities accept your insurance if infertility treatment is covered. You can use this information to quickly filter down a list of potential clinics. This must be completed before moving on to the other suggestions. Also, if you have never had to use your health insurance for anything more than a co-pay here and there, you might want to look into the breakdown of the cost of IVF treatments covered.

Even if coverage is not a major concern, it is still a good idea to give your insurance company a quick call just to be sure. There is always a chance you did not see an update about a change in your benefits for the new plan year or that you overlooked something in the coverage.

If you know for sure after calling your health insurance that you will not have infertility coverage, then it is crucial that you seek price quotes from a facility. You should also think about how you will pay for treatment and put together a plan. If you do not have health insurance that covers infertility treatment, you may still be able to have infertility testing and even OB monitoring at the clinic if you become pregnant.

Locate a clinic that fits your needs

Choosing the right fertility clinic in Dubai depends on how realistic you are about your expectations and the support and assurance you seek from your care provider.


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