April 18, 2024

Why Use An Advertising Tracking Platform & How To Choose One

The importance of digital marketing can no longer be denied, given that it has proven its worth to us countless times already. People are turning towards the online world for making most of their purchases nowadays, so not being able to offer them your products and services through those channels will lead to a complete failure of your business. Naturally, simply building a website and hoping that your customers will stumble upon it and start making purchases is quite an unrealistic expectation. Instead, you need to invest in numerous digital marketing techniques, including online ads. Read more on the importance of digital marketing for businesses.

Online ads are, unsurprisingly, among the most common marketing tactics that businesses nowadays use, and they can run them on numerous platforms, including Facebook, TikTok and other social media channels, as well as Google and practically other people’s blogs and websites. In short, people use the Internet in any way they can so as to promote their services and their products, and turn their audience’s attention towards their brand and towards what they’re selling. If you’re aiming at reaching wider audiences, you’ll definitely have to invest in online ads, but the great thing is that those are quite affordable, so practically any business, regardless of its size, can pay for them.

If you’ve already had the chance to run an advertising campaign or two, you’re now probably trying to assess the results. Understanding how effective your campaigns were will help you improve them in the future or keep them just the way they are if you find that the results are optimized and that there’s basically nothing you can do better. Of course, there’s almost always something you can do better, but you’ll get that for yourself when you start assessing your campaigns. If aiming to assess them properly, though, you’ll need accurate data, and accurate data is provided through the process of ad tracking and with the help of certain ad tracking platforms.

First, What Is Ad Tracking?

Before we can even begin talking about those ad tracking platforms I’ve mentioned, and their importance for your business, we need to be absolutely sure that you understand what ad tracking is in the first place. This is essentially the in-market research process that monitors and assesses the actual performance of your ad campaigns. If you don’t do any research on your current or past campaigns, you may easily wind up making the same mistakes all over again – mistakes that lead to the lack of effectiveness of certain ads. With ad tracking, though, you’ll get clear insights on which campaigns are bringing in a good ROI, and which ones are underperforming and thus need to be tweaked or changed altogether.

Tracking with https://hyros.com or with a different platform, and we’ll talk about their significance later, will also offer you the insight you need into your customers’ behaviors. You’ll learn what resonates with them and what makes them basically scroll past the ad, and you’ll also learn where they saw your campaigns, which can all be used for future optimization of your campaigns. Optimizing your marketing campaigns and efforts will lead you towards getting much better results, and you’ll finally start seeing those ads working for you properly, which is the whole point of running them in the first place.

Why Use An Advertising Tracking Platform?

You now get what ad tracking is and why it is so important, which brings us to the next question. Why should you use an advertising tracking platform at all? If you were expecting to be able to gather all the data manually and then dive into the research in accordance with the mentioned data, let me tell you right away that your expectations are very high. You won’t have the time for it, and you won’t even know how to properly gather the data or where to get it. This is where those tools come into play, because they make things much easier, and allow businesses to automate and simplify various advertising processes, including the process of figuring out what went well and what may need to be changed.

Here’s what those platforms will help you with:

Save Time
Increase Productivity
Run The Campaigns On Various Platforms Without Any Difficulties
Get Custom Reports Suited To Your Requirements
Create Visualizations That Help Assess The Results Better & Meet Your Business Goals
Make Collaboration Easier
Improve The Likelihood Of Your Ads Performing Better In The Future

By removing the unnecessary manual data entry procedures, you will get to save a lot of time, which will lead to your employees being able to focus on other important tasks, thus increasing their productivity. Working smarter and not harder should be your motto, and if you like the sound of that, then using an ad tracking platform can undeniably be of great help. Increased productivity will lead to better overall results and, thus, to higher profits, and you’re essentially doing everything you’re doing in order to boost those profits.

If you’ve ever struggled with running your campaigns on multiple platforms and keeping track of all of them, as well as assessing their performance, then you understand how great it would be if you could just simplify the entire process. Well, with the platforms we’re mentioning, you’ll definitely get to simplify everything, and running campaigns through different channels will become a piece of cake. Plus, you’ll get custom reports suited to your specific requirements, as well as clear visualizations of the results, and those will help you easily assess the performance of your campaigns, and identify any weaknesses and things that need to be changed, and thus meet your particular business goals. Basically, ad tracking with these platforms will make running campaigns, measuring their performance and meeting your business goals as easy as possible.

Collaboration between your team members will make or break the campaign that you’re planning to run. And, if everyone is not in the loop with everything at all times, the collaboration is bound to suffer. Some info is bound to be left out, albeit not on purpose, which can take a toll on the success of your marketing efforts. With the help of the ad tracking platforms, your team will be more connected than ever, and everyone will have the info they need in order to take the best next steps towards creating the best campaign and towards improving the likelihood of their great performance and their success. Seamless cooperation is significant and these tools will allow for it.

How To Choose One For You?

When you decide that it’s time to introduce an ad tracking platform to your entire marketing strategy, you’ll wonder how to select the best one for you. This won’t be easy, though, because the definitely are countless of providers out there, all ready to claim that their platforms are the very best. It’s not uncommon for marketers to be tempted to make a spur of the moment choice and start using one of these platforms right away. While I do understand the urgency, the simple fact is that you should take things slowly and do everything you can so as to be sure you’re choosing the perfect tool for you. How can you be sure of that, though?

Easy. Through research. Of course, there’s nothing quite easy about doing research, but at least you do have a way of finding out which ad tracking platform is best for you. Begin by checking out those providers in great details, determining how experienced, as well as how reputable they are, all the while aiming at making sure that the quality of the ad tracking (more info) tool you’ll get from them will be amazing. Naturally, if you really want to check the quality of the tools, you shouldn’t stop at doing research on the providers alone. Instead, you’ll have to check those tools out as well.

You can do that by checking all the features that are offered by certain tools, such as email tracking, ad attribution, call tracking, long-term value calculations and more. It is important to find a tool that offers all of those amazing features, so as not to find it lacking in the future and realizing that you either need to add another one to the mix, or switch to a different platform altogether. Once you’ve checked the features, check the pricing as well, and aim at getting a fair offer.

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