June 20, 2024

Unveiling Pre-EMI Interest: How it Works and Its Impact on Personal Loans

The word “Personal Loan” commonly draws attention in the world of personal finance. Many people turn to personal loans to finance their dream vacation, pay for medical bills, or pay debt. However, to have a seamless borrowing experience, it is crucial to understand what complete EMI and pre-EMI interests are to make wise financial decisions.

Understanding Interest Rates on Personal Loans

Interest rates are of the utmost importance when it comes to a personal loan. They establish the cost of borrowing and have a significant impact on how much the borrower will have to pay back in total. Interest rates for a personal loan are usually either fixed or variable. Throughout the loan term, fixed rates stay the same, but floating rates change according to the state of the market.

Choosing Between Full EMI and Pre-EMI

1. Complete EMI: Choosing full EMIs from the start is considered as a wise option. While it may be slightly more complex in terms of cash flow at first, it reduces your interest stress and allows you to repay the principal amount quickly. This ultimately helps you save money throughout the personal loan. 


2. Pre-EMI: Many borrowers choose this route because lenders disperse the loan amount in instalments, which means that at first, borrowers only have to pay the interest portion of the personal loan instead of the complete principal and interest payment until the entire personal loan amount is entirely disbursed. For example, the sum is paid throughout the building or house’s construction. After the construction is finished, Pre-EMI comes to an end as well. 

Differences Between Full EMI and Pre-EMI

The following principles will help you understand the differences between Pre-EMI and Full EMI.

1. Loan Disbursement Differences: If you choose total EMI, you can request the complete personal loan amount to be disbursed. However, if you select pre-EMI, just a portion of the personal loan amount is paid.


2. Variance in Loan Repayment: When you pay pre-EMIs as opposed to complete EMI, where you must pay the entire amount due regardless of the amount of the personal loan disbursed, the first EMI amount is substantially lower.


3. Difference in Interest Rate: The interest rate for a complete instalment plan is determined by considering the total principal amount. According to the loan amounts disbursed, the pre-EMI interest rate is determined.

 Best Conditions for Pre-EMI and Full EMI

Now let us examine the conditions in which complete EMI and pre-EMI choices are preferable when opting for a personal loan:

1. If you plan to keep the purchased house for a few years, complete EMI is a good alternative. On the other hand, Pre-EMI is a preferred option if you intend to sell the property once construction is finished.
2. If you can pay your EMIs on time, full EMIs are preferable. Meanwhile, pre-EMI makes more sense if you are short on cash and have rent and other bills to pay before the property is built and occupied.
3. If taking advantage of tax savings during the payback period is essential to you, then complete EMI would be preferable. However, when a pre-EMI is used, the tax advantages will kick in once the entire EMI term has passed.

4. If there is a significant difference between the full and pre-EMI interest rates, you can invest the difference and earn more money by selecting a pre-EMI schedule. On the flip side, like a full EMI that you if you are unable to find more profitable investing options. 

Impact of Pre-EMI on the Borrowers

Pre-EMI interest rates can affect borrowers in many favourable ways. Smaller monthly payments at first lessen the initial financial hardship by allowing a gradual payback schedule. This flexibility helps better plan finances and accounts for any changes in revenue. Additionally, pre-EMI payments made on time improve credit scores, ease stress, and increase total affordability throughout the loan.

Pro Tip: A Pre-EMI interest calculator can help you better understand the differences and help you make an informed decision.

Important of Choosing the Right Lender

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