February 25, 2024

How to Avoid Negative Marking in NEET exam?

Neet is an entrance test at an under-graduation level for students who wish to pursue a career in medical science. It is a single exam through which students get the opportunity to apply for various medico fields, including MBBS, Dental, Ayurveda, and many more. Therefore the hype about this exam is very high among aspirants. Each year, approximately 13 lakh students appear for this exam. However, the seats are comparatively fewer. Due to this less seat availability, the selection process exam needs tackling the exam through handwork and sincerity, just like how software for school management keeps all the data and information organized sincerely to avoid any kind of data disruption. Any mistake can become a hurdle in your selection. In this article, we are going to discuss why the students, after making all the attempts are not able to do well in the actual exam.


How To Perform Well In Actual Exam?

Don’t be overconfident – the main issue with students is they get super excited, and out of overconfidence, they make mistakes. Being confident is good; you can be satisfied with the preparation, which will help you avoid anxiety and make you feel good about the paper. Overconfidence can make you careless about the paper, and you may feel more carefree in attempting questions. Some students get overexcited and make mistakes while reading the question paper while solving the paper and turn the answer into a negative marking. So if you find the question familiar and may feel that you know the answer to the question, try to be calm. Read the question twice so you can understand it, then mark the answer.


Skip questions – one thing you need to keep in mind while attempting the paper is that you don’t need to try all the questions to get selected. So if you feel that you don’t know the answers, the question is lengthy, or the question takes more time than expected, kindly skip that question. Skipping such questions can save you from negative marking and make your selection process easier, just like adding different features like institute ERP and LMS portals make online learning fun and much more manageable.


 Read the question – often, you see the question precisely like a question you attempt in the mock test. Whenever you see these questions out of excitement, you mark the answer without much thought, leading to a scoring deduction due to the wrong answers. The question may be the same with the change in their subtitles or parts. Therefore when you get the paper, try to utilize those 15 minutes by reading and analyzing the question set thoroughly. Read at least twice so that you can confirm whether the answer you mark is correct or not.


Don’t Panic – NEET is an essential exam that plays a significant role in determining your future. But above all this, it is crucial to calm down and be patient while attempting the paper. Thousands of thoughts come to mind when you are giving the exam, while it requires complete focus and concentration. Your stress and anxiety level can lead you to trouble. So better be regular and keep yourself normal while attempting the paper. Read the question; if you didn’t know the answer, skip and turn to the next question. If the paper is difficult, it will be the same for everyone. So first, analyze and select the question you know and attempt it. Don’tDon’t waste much time on the questions whose answers you don’t know.


Don’t answer at the last minute – many students try their luck at the last moment and attempt the answers at the last moment without reading the question thoroughly. That gives them maximum negative and hence can make their way get affected. So try not to attempt questions at the last minute. If you have performed well, trust your instincts that you will be selected for how much you have attempted. You don’t need to try your luck with leftover questions.

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