July 12, 2024

Footwear and Fashion: Types of Footwear and their Purposes in Fashion

Footwear and Fashion: Types of Footwear and their Purposes in Fashion


The global footwear market is estimated to cross around 500 Billion US Dollars by 2027. The power that the footwear industry holds over global fashion is immense. Research and analyses are flooding the footwear industry to better the numerous forms of footwear available in the market today. With sophisticated research and development, the footwear industry is adding newer and newer members to its wide array of options.

It would be surprising for many to know that the footwear section consists of over twenty types of footwear. Although they all serve the common purpose of protecting the feet, the fashion choices that these different shoes let the user have and the aesthetics that they provide their users are extremely different.

A newbie in the footwear industry or a person who is planning to widen his or her fashion horizons by knowing more about footwear choices may find themselves s lost in the immense choices offered by the footwear section. The following section elaborates on the most celebrated kinds of footwear and how different are them from each other.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes or sports shoes are designed to withstand the harsh treatment that is possible on a sports field. They come with a flexible body that let the user play the sport comfortably without being limited by the sturdiness of the shoe. They also feature a textured sole which adds to the grip of the shoes so that the player can maintain stability while on the field, even if the field becomes wet. Different types of athletic shoes are available based on the sports that the user is planning to take part in. There are football shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, and many more.

Slip-resistant Shoes

As the name itself indicates, slip-resistant schoenen are designed to be used on slippery and wet terrains. It is the ideal choice for people who are living in areas that are prone to extreme coldness or extreme precipitation. These shoes have a textured sole that holds to the surface and provides traction so that the user can continue walking stably. They are also known as work shoes as most of the employees who are working at factories and accident-prone industries usually use them. They are also ideal to be used to walk on oily surfaces without any slipping or falling.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are one of the recent additions to the footwear section, but they easily took the fashion world by storm. The dress shoes are conceived to match with dresses and provide a chic look for the total outfit. Although they are called dress shoes, they are specifically used in professional environments, when the employee is expected to wear a dress for official engagements or parties. They give a more sophisticated and classier look to dresses than regular footwear or flats. They usually come in more neutral colors like black and brown to suit the professional environment.


Sneakers are causal-themed shoes that are usually not used in a professional setting. They are not ideal to be used in high-end events or dressier functions. They are extremely suitable for casual wear like shorts, jeans, etc. and they are available in countless colors, designs, and patterns too. And if add a few enamel pins and studs here and there, they can look extremely trendy and stylish. They are also very comfortable to wear because of the material used in their construction like leather, canvas, etc.

High-heeled Footwear

High-heeled footwear is often considered a bold fashion choice. They are iconic and edgy and provide a classic look for dressier events. Often considered a glamorous kind, the high-heels are not ideal to be used outdoors. They are also difficult to be used on uneven surfaces and for events where there is a lot of walking involved.


Boots are a great option if the buyer is expected to be in a rough and tough terrain where strength matters more than style. They are durable, strong, and sturdy. They are constructed in such a manner that even the part of the leg above the ankle will even be protected properly. They are tall, thick footwear which often comes in dark shades like black and brown. They are also ideal for outdoor activities like hiking. Multiple options are available for boots like ankle boots, hiking boots, cowboy boots, knee-high boots, etc.


Sandals are one of the most popular and most sold options of footwear globally. They are flat-soled casual footwear that comes in variations like flip-flops and strappy sandals. Flip-flops are an everyday essential which has two straps connected to the sole in such a way that the user can place the toes inside the straps comfortably. Strappy sandals, although have a similar name, come with straps across the foot, sometimes up the ankle. Unlike flat sandals, strappy ones can have heels or not. When flip-flops are usually used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, especially as beach wear, the strappy ones are specifically for dressier events.

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