July 12, 2024

Export to the USA with Amazon Global Selling

Export to the USA with Amazon Global Selling

One of the few nations with whom India had a trade surplus in 2021–2022 was the USA, which is also India’s largest trading partner. The main things that India export to the USA are gems and jewelry, pharmaceuticals, light crude oil and petroleum, electrical and electronic products, textiles, frozen marine products, and more. 

Trends of export to the USA from India

  • In 2021–22, India and the USA’s bilateral commerce reached a record US$ 119.42 billion, up from US$ 80.51 billion in 2020–21.
  • India and the US enjoyed a 32.8 billion dollar trade surplus in 2021–2022, respectively.
  • In the first five months of FY22 (Jan.-May), trade totaled US$55.57 billion, of which US$35.99 billion was exported by India to the US and US$19.58 billion was imported by the US.

  • US FDI inflows to India totaled US$ 56,753 million from April 2000 to September 2022, making it the third-largest investor in the country.
  • From April through November 2022, the two countries’ bilateral commerce was US$ 87,342 million.
  • In FY21, India sent 7,546 different products to the United States.
  • India’s exports to the United States rose from US$ 51.62 billion in the previous fiscal year to US$ 76.17 billion in FY 2021–22.
  • Pearls, precious stones/metals, articles made from them, imitation jewelry, and coins account for the majority of India’s exports to the United States ($14,667.49 million), followed by pharmaceuticals ($6,472.25 million), nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, and mechanical appliances, as well as their parts ($5,798.52 million), in FY21.
  • Between April and November 2022, India exported to the USA for US$53.14 billion.
  • During the months of April through November 2022, the most important exports from India to the USA were pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones, valued at US$ 6,803 million. Next came medication formulations and biologicals, valued at US$ 4,489 million. 

Reasons for export to the USA with Amazon

  • In order to find new brands or items, 74% of Amazon customers utilize the site to export to the USA.
  • Let Amazon assist with international shipping and logistics while you concentrate on growing your business. Amazon FBA makes it simple to export goods from India to the USA.
  • Sell on Amazon USA holidays, such as Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, to boost sales.
  • Amazon supports the expansion of your business because it is the most popular marketplace in the USA. 

What are the documents needed for export to the USA from India?

  • Import export code
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Purchase order
  • Certificate of origin
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of inspection (if required)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Certificate of Health
  • Other documents like US FDA approval for food products
  • Phytosanitary certificate for exporting plants

Tips to export to the USA with Amazon Global Selling

Deciding things to export to the USA

One of the most important steps is deciding which goods to export to the USA. Planning your business objectives and comprehending product demand is critical. 30+ product categories can be exported from India to the USA with the help of Amazon. The success of your export business might greatly benefit from implementing a few suggestions on how to list products on Amazon. By giving your products meaningful titles, distinct photos, and succinct feature bullets, you can make it simple for online buyers to find your offers.

Registering and creating a seller account

A few KYC documents and your credit card information are required in order to register and build your Amazon global seller account.

Listing all the products

List your products after registering. SKU information, as well as other product specifications (model number, size, expiration date, etc.), are required. The Amazon listing procedure is quick and easy. If your product isn’t already listed on Amazon, you’ll need to add it there in order for shoppers to access all the relevant details. An ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is created automatically when you list a product on any of Amazon’s international marketplaces. Inventory management or bulk uploading are two options available to sellers with Professional seller accounts for listing their goods in huge quantities. You can upload products under one of two categories, either a new product on Amazon or an existing product on Amazon if you wish to sell your goods in volume (100–1,000 units).

Product shipment and order fulfillment

By simplifying pickup for export to the USA, storage, delivery, and customer support services, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) makes it possible for export products to be shipped safely and easily. You have two options for shipping your products as an Amazon global seller: you may handle the packaging yourself and send your products directly to customers (merchant fulfillment or MFN), or you can let Amazon handle the packaging and ship your products via Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Every technique offers a unique set of advantages, and you can select the one that is best for your company for export to the USA.

Business expansion after receiving payment

Amazon Global Selling makes it simple to receive payments in your currency. To expand your business, you can use international tools and solutions like Brand Registry, A+ Content, and Amazon Advertising.

What is the cost of exporting to the USA?

Under the Amazon seller fee calculator, the monthly subscription fee, referral fee, and shipping cost make up the bulk of the cost structure. Depending on the fulfillment method you’ve selected, there are different shipping costs. When you get an order, you may either choose to self-ship or use a merchant fulfillment method (where you send the products directly to the client), or you can pick Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). To Amazon’s overseas fulfillment centers (warehouses), you can ship the goods via FBA. When customers place orders, Amazon stores the items and sends them out.

With the aid of Amazon Global Selling, you may export to the USA from India to more than 200 other nations and regions. No matter the size of your company, whether you are a multi-city retailer, a local vendor, an aspiring startup, or an experienced exporter, you may export from India and put your brand on the global stage. Selling in North America will allow you to take full advantage of the growing export trade between India and other industrialized nations.

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