July 12, 2024

All you need to know about Internet Leased Line

We live in a digitized world where stable and high-speed connectivity is key for businesses to keep their functions smooth and uninterrupted. The rampant digitization and the need for better connectivity are also pushing firms to turn to robust connections like internet leased lines to cater to their internet connection needs. 

In the essence, an internet leased line can be described as a dedicated fixed bandwidth and symmetric internet connection providing a high-speed internet connection. 

If you are looking for an efficient connection for your business and want to know more about internet leased lines, look at the following sections.

What is an internet leased line?

An internet leased line (ILL) is a symmetric and fixed-bandwidth internet connection that provides a constant and reliable internet connection. Unlike regular broadband internet connections, which are shared by more than one user, an ILL aims to provide dedicated bandwidth to just one user. This ensures the internet connection remains unaffected by others’ usage patterns and traffic. 

How Does an internet leased line work?

An internet lease line is a point-to-point connection between the service provider network and the customer’s premises. 

A service provider installs a fiber optic or a copper cable from its own network to ensure that customers get the bandwidth they had subscribed to. 

After the connection is established, the provider installs a router at the premise of the customer, which then connects to the local area network or LAN to the internet. The installed router then gets configured to offer full bandwidth and ensures the connection is reliable and secure. 

Benefits of the Internet Leased Lines

An internet leased line proves useful for businesses and helps them in multiple ways. That said, here are the major benefits that accompany an internet leased line:

  • Dedicated bandwidth

An ILL provides a dedicated, fixed bandwidth to a single user, which ensures that the user receives the full bandwidth they have subscribed to. This means that the internet connection is not affected by traffic and usage patterns, ensuring consistent and reliable internet speeds.

  • High-speed connectivity

An internet leased line offers high-speed internet connectivity with a speed limit ranging from 2 Mbps – 10 Gbps. The high speed ensures businesses can transfer large data quickly, allowing them to operate smoothly. 

  • Symmetric Connectivity

An internet leased line extends symmetric connectivity, meaning both the upload and download speeds are the same. This comes in handy for businesses that have time to upload large files such as high-resolution images or videos to the internet. 

  • Reliability of the connection

This type of internet connection ensures a reliable connection with minimal interruptions or downtime. Since the connection is dedicated to one user and remains unaffected by the traffic or other’s usage patterns, the connection remains stable and reliable. 

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

An internet leased line typically comes with a service level agreement (SLA) which guarantees users a level of service in terms of response time and uptime. This ensures that individuals can rely on their connections and get issues resolved quickly. 

  • Customizable Bandwidth

An internet leased line offers customizable bandwidth, allowing businesses to select a bandwidth that meets their needs. This feature helps businesses scale their internet connectivity as needed and without any additional investment.

  1. Cloud Computing

Internet leased line is also a good match for a cloud computing business. The strong connectivity ensures fast access to cloud-based applications and services throughout. Thus, ensuring smooth processing. 

  1. Remote Working

Internet leased line is immensely popular among individuals working from home. Its high speed and stability ensure workers are always connected to their work channel and are able to complete the task without any interruptions. 

  1. Enhanced Security

Internet leased line extends enhanced security features such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and even encryption. This keeps the internet connection secured and protects sensitive data from cyber-attacks. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Though an internet leased line is more expensive than a regular broadband connection, it is more cost-effective for businesses that need high-speed internet connectivity. This is because an internet leased line removed the need to invest in infrastructure like network equipment and servers.  Ask your local internet connection provider ILL cost and ask what is Wi-fi plan cost, or how much it costs to install broadband and internet leased line to gain a better idea. 

Examples of businesses benefitting from the Internet Leased Lines

Here are a few examples of businesses that tend to benefit from the internet leased line:

  • E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites need a stable and high-speed internet connection to handle many transactions and ensure all their customers get a smooth shopping experience. Thanks to an internet leased line, e-commerce website avail of high-speed internet that provides the website to operate smoothly, and the users can complete their transactions without delay. 

  • IT firms

IT firms need stable and high-speed internet connections to extend their services to clients without any lag. An internet leased line ensures high speed and dedicated connectivity to smooth the to and fro of data exchange. 

IT companies require high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to provide their services to clients. 

  •  Video Conferencing and voice services

Internet leased line’s top-notch connection also benefits businesses that rely on voice and video conferencing. The fast connection ensures seamless processing and enhances the quality of communication without any buffering or lag. 



In conclusion, these features and associated benefits make internet leased lines suitable for businesses. But before getting an internet leased line, it is crucial to compare the service and offerings of different providers to make an informed choice. The general tendency is to prioritize pricing over others features, but you must also weigh other features like security, connection stability, and data limit. This will help you pick a connection plan that is well-suited to your requirement and is also easy on the pocket. Judging a plan based entirely on its pricing could result in you ending up with a substandard connection with lots of connectivity issues.

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