May 29, 2024

A Guide to the Different Types of Steel Beams

Steel is essential for any type of building. It’s one of the most common materials out there, and it’s used for a variety of building elements. If you’re going to build any type of structure, you must know about the different types of steel beams.

There are many steel beam types to consider. Some are better for specific uses. You want to look at all the different steel beam types to get the right steel for any type of building.

This article will provide you with an overview of steel beams and some tips to choose the right one. Keep reading!

Fixed Beams

Fixed beams are steel beams that are made to a certain size and shape and are then fixed and mounted. These beams are designed to be used in construction projects as a stable support element and can be used in upper stories of buildings, as well as for beams in bridges. They are heavy and sturdy and ideal for supporting the weight of many building materials.

Cantilever Beams

Cantilever beams are designed to support horizontal loads and are suited for a wide variety of project types. This type of steel beam is connected to the building at a single point rather than from both ends.

This allows the beam to be shaped to a particular shape for a specific engineering purpose. They are primarily used for applications that require a greater degree of flexibility and adaptability to an architectural or structural design.

Due to their shape and purpose, cantilever beams cannot support compression loads and are often larger than other steel beams, thus requiring a higher amount of material input. Before looking for quality steel suppliers, it’s important to understand the nuances between the different types of steel beams.

Channel Beams

Channel beams are an important and versatile type of steel beam. These beams are used for structural support and can be found in a variety of applications. They are typically made from rolled steel with a C-shaped profile and a U-shaped profile.

Channel beams can come in a range of sizes from 25 mm to over 300 mm, and they can also be load-bearing and non-load-bearing, depending on the application. These beams are also available in galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum.

L-section Beams

L-section steel beams are the structural backbone of various construction projects and come in a variety of sizes, grades, and finishes. These beams are generally comprised of two parts: an upright (vertical) outer leg and a horizontal inner leg.

They are joined together at a 90-degree angle by their flanges. L-section steel beams are also most often used in support structures, load-bearing beams, timber frames, and other applications where high strength and support are needed.

Selecting the Right Types of Steel Beams for Your Project

Steel beams are a great choice for any kind of construction project. They are reliable and durable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Understanding the different types of steel beams can assist in choosing the best option for you.

So, start finding the right one today!

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