June 16, 2024

9 Times The Veg Restaurants in Agra Have Surprised People

How do the best veg restaurants in Agra surprise people? Well, it can only be with unique and authentic food. Agra city is prominently known for the ultimate Mughlai cuisine with so many mouth-watering non-vegetarian food options. However, the veg food choices can be equally amazing. All thanks to the variety of foods that the city can surprise you with. Here are all the typical vegetarian dishes that you can try while being in this miraculous city. 

Stuffed Paratha

Parathas are the prominent dishes you will find at almost every place, from the best veg restaurants in Agra to the street food corners near the Taj Mahal. Indeed, the taste of parathas in this city is unmatchable. What you find here is a complete vegetable paratha with mashed potatoes, carrot gratings, cauliflower, and so many other mixed ingredients. From these mixed parathas to the authentic aloo paratha, there is certainly so much in this cuisine to explore. With this, you get to savour the flavoured dahi, green chutney, sweet chutney and achaar. Being in Agra, parathas are a must-order. 


If you came to the city of the Taj Mahal and did not try Bhalla, then what did you try? It is the magic of the mixed flavours of bhalla that makes it a must-order when people are looking for snacks from the best veg restaurants in Agra. Bhalla is one such culinary dish of the city made with chickpea curry. Also known as chaat in most of the cities in India, this chickpea curry is mixed with potatoes, additional with curd, green chutney, spicy chutneys and soft chutneys. It bursts warm in the mouth and melts cold, soft and tender to the throat. It is worth relishing. 

Paneer Tikka

If you are looking for street food that you will enjoy with your heart out, then paneer tikka has to be the dish. Smoked paneer with a mix of all the Indian spices makes it one of the best savouries, especially when you are looking for a tasty and healthy feast at the same time. You can even order authentic paneer tikka or paneer tikka sabzi to have with the chapatis. Order it and get it delivered hot because this desi Indian dish will be worth it. 


Bedai is another must try delicacy for how much it justifies the typical Agra taste. Bedai is a plate of round and khasta kachori served with aloo sabzi and chutney. Every time a person in Agra wakes up in a bad mood, he/she can order bedai to forget every sorrow and relish foods full of flavours and spices. Moreover, the best veg restaurants in Agra also make this sabzi spicy and flavorful for building a unique and memorable taste of Agra. Awaken your senses in the morning with a burst of spices and flavour in your mouth. 

Rabdi Jalebi

Whether you want to go by the roadside to eat rabdi jalebi or you wish to order it from the best restaurant in town, Agra can indeed serve you with the best of sweet delicacies in town. Being the house of Mughals, this is the authentic Mughal sweet delicacy to relish at its best. People in Agra sometimes look for reasons to celebrate and order this sweet dish. Or sometimes, the dish itself is the reason to celebrate. 

Veg Frankie

When we talk about frankies, our minds instantly revolve around the drooling chicken pops, cream and spices. But the best veg restaurants in Agra can still make it memorable with special veg frankies for you all. The kebab wraps can either be stuffed and ultimate paneer stuffing, lentil kebab stiffs, all sorts of greens and numerous sauces. This is how veg frankies are supposed to be. Crunchy, crackling, tempting, lukewarm from the outside and spicy hot from the insider. With this, there is nothing that you will miss in a frankie. 

Veg Kebab

Veg kebabs are heavenly for all those who have never tried the tempting galouti kebabs and seekh kebabs. For them, these kebabs can be worth ordering for some delightful pre-meal before the full meal. For this, the restaurants order food like veg kebab rolls. These kebabs are a mix of lentils, veggies, and raw bananas. Moreover, it is wrapped in tortillas and served with numerous veggies, sauces, and chutneys. It is a must-try dish for all those looking for perfectly delectable veg delights. 

Soya Chaap

Agra is best known for its authentic Indian dishes and flavours. This can be justified by introducing soya chaap with all the desi flavours in it. For this, the best veg restaurants in Agra have a wholesome, delectable range of this food ingredient. It may include sabzi of soya chaap, tandoori soya chaap, malai soya chaap, and many more. It all tastes worthy, for sure. 


If you are looking for something healthy and tasty at the same time, then do try out Chilla from the restaurants of Agra. This traditional dish is made from ample veggies, spices, herbs, and ample Indian ingredients. This spreads into that flat heavenly bed you will never be full with. Get it delivered hot to your home to break the morning fast incredibly. And along, the chutneys and sauces can be the ultimate taste busters. 

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