May 27, 2024

What Is A Reach Truck? Do You Require One?

Warehouse storage needs keep changing as businesses expand. Most warehouses are building storage units upward to increase storage space instead of expanding outward. While this is effective for saving costs, it presents a challenge in finding the right handling equipment. While forklifts are great for loading and unloading SKUs, they are incompatible with smaller spaces.

Reach trucks are alternative solutions to forklifts for increasing productivity. Only a few operators or managers consider this alternative. It is imperative for warehouse managers and operators to fully understand what a reach truck is and how it works. 48V golf cart batteries

Here is a breakdown of what a reach truck is and when a warehouse should get one:

What Is A Reach Truck?

A reach truck is a type of narrow forklift purposely used for right-angle stacking on storage racks. These trucks are more compact than standard forklifts and suitable for working on narrow warehouse aisles. They also have higher reaching capabilities with brilliant configurations for unloading pallets from racks.

The most notable feature of this handling equipment is the wheel position below the operator. This configuration allows the pallet truck to take sharp corners on aisles.

Types of Reach Trucks

Moving Mast Reach Trucks

Moving mast-reach trucks have hydraulics that facilitates the forward and backward movement of forks on rails. Although it is an efficient handling solution, it may inhibit operations in double-deep racking.

They need fork extensions to load and unload goods from double-deep and push-back racking systems. Fortunately, they have wider wheels that can operate on any floor space due to increased ground clearance.

Pantograph Reach Trucks

These reach trucks with scissor-like forks extend forward to access the inner racks. They come with either single or double-reach designs that can extend up and down. The pallet storage systems must accommodate this equipment since the vehicles drive through pallets when loading.

The biggest advantage of using pantograph reach trucks is that their lifting capacities are higher than other types. The Godrej Crown RR/RD 5700 series Reach Truck is a double deep reach truck with an extending forklift to reach racks. It is a great piece of equipment for increasing productivity and saving time.

Properties of Reach Trucks

Heavy Duty Mast

A heavy-duty mast is crucial because reach trucks can load to heights up to 12 meters. This construction ensures it does not sway when lifting heavy loads at such heights.

Interactive Consoles

Interactive consoles ensure the operator controls the equipment while operating in the warehouse. In addition, LCD screens display information like speed, movement, temperatures, battery life, and fault codes for diagnostics.

Ergonomic Designs

Ergonomic designs ensure operator comfort over long working periods. In addition, suspension seats, high-performance accelerators, and adjustable steering wheels maximize comfort for increased productivity.

Robust Construction

Frequent loading and unloading of material in a warehouse puts more stress on the components of a reach truck. The mast and the forks will likely get damaged mid-operations. The robust construction of electric reach trucks makes these components resistant to damage.

Stronger Hydraulics

Reach trucks have stronger hydraulics to ensure efficiency when handling bulky loads. These hydraulics can go through thousands of cycles without showing any signs of damage or wearing.

When Is The Right Time To Get A Reach Truck?

Although most warehouses have a wide selection of material handling equipment, there are specific conditions that call for reach trucks. Some reasons to get a reach truck include:

For Operating on Narrower Aisles

These handling equipment provide an alternative solution for material handling equipment in narrower aisles. They are smaller than forklifts and have high maneuverability in tight spaces maximizing productivity without sacrificing floor space.

For Flexible Material Handling

Reach trucks ensure smooth operations for various storage needs in the warehouse. They are compatible with most racking solutions like push-back and double-deep racking. Considering they extend higher than forklifts, they are also great for loading goods on high-level racks on storage systems.

How Do Reach Trucks Improve Efficiency?

They Lack Counterbalance Weights

Reach trucks do not have counterbalance weights. Built with stabilizing legs for weight distribution, they have no extra lengths that may affect the usage of warehouse floor space.

They Can Reach Deeper Shelves

Reach trucks are unique because they can move upward and extend deep into the rack for storing pallets, making them efficient for increasing material handling capacities by using the warehouse floor space effectively.

Better Visibility w/ Display Consoles

Truck operators must maintain visibility even when lifting more than 2 tons of SKUs 11 meters high. The interactive display consoles allow visibility of the mast when loading goods on the higher racks. The rack height selection also makes it easier for operators to position forks precisely without risk of damage.

Reliable Traction Control

Due to the different surface finishes on warehouse floors, having better traction is crucial. Anti-slip traction on Godrej reach trucks prevents the tires from spinning when moving goods or applying brakes. This feature also keeps the tires in great shape for a long time.

There is a huge selection of material-handling equipment that can complement the services of a forklift. Reach trucks are the better alternative for higher storage and deep racking. Their flexibility makes them adaptable for any warehouse needs for loading various products.

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