May 27, 2024

Vastu Shastra Tips for Placing Waterfall Paintings in Your Home

Vastu Shastra emphasizes a lot on the fundamental elements of nature, namely earth, water, fire, wind, and space. Water is an important element that brings positivity. While everyone cannot have water fountains at home, hanging a waterfall painting is the best alternative. Waterfall images can channelize your positive energies while bringing wealth and prosperity. 

Besides, Vastu Shastra recommends that placing paintings and other wall art can influence and improve the positive energies of your home. Waterfall paintings, for example, are considered auspicious as they attract good fortune and enhance your home’s serenity. 

Water entering your home is a good sign and has a direct connection with the continuous flow of money. Vastu Shastra says that the water should appear to be coming inside your home. Read on to learn about more such amazing Vastu Shastra tips and recommendations for placing waterfall paintings in your house. 

Waterfall Painting Benefits

Your home represents your well-being and reflects your personality. Therefore, everything in and around your house should radiate a positive aura. For instance, your wall art, paintings, and other artwork would influence your mood and elevate the overall ambiance of your home. Apart from that, waterfall art may boost your financial gains, increase your income opportunities, and improve the overall satisfaction in your life. 

By following the principles of Vastu Shastra, you can incorporate various artworks in specific directions to bring more optimism and let positive emotions flow into your house. Therefore, waterfall paintings placed in the right direction may also work as an effective Vastu remedy to correct or improve one’s financial conditions by attracting wealth into one’s home. 

Furthermore, Vastu Shastra believes that paintings depicting a tranquil flowing waterfall or river symbolize the flow of wealth in your life. Besides, paintings of waterfalls or a river flowing calmly may also correlate with a steady financial flow and career growth for all your family members. That’s why you should place your waterfall paintings following Vastu-recommended directions. 

Moreover, the image or painting of flowing water symbolizes a steady and continuous business flow in the correct direction. It encourages the family members to keep moving ahead in their careers and life. Also, water fountains or artworks have the power to create harmony and balance in your life, thus ensuring growth and prosperity in the home. 

If you have enough space, a good alternative to waterfall artwork is to keep a fountain, an aquarium, or a fish tank in your home in the Vastu-advised directions. Some homeowners also prefer a more natural element of water, such as a Mangal Kalash or a water pot in the living room. They will offer the same benefits and positivity as a waterfall photograph or painting. 

Where to Place a Waterfall Painting as per Vastu Shastra? 

According to Vastu Shastra, the element of water denotes the North direction, which is governed by Kubera, the Hindu God of wealth. Apart from wealth, the North direction also represents career. Therefore, placing a waterfall painting in the Vastu-recommended direction, usually on the North or Northeast wall of your living room or towards the center of your home, will boost a flow of positive and peaceful energies. 

In terms of Vastu, if you stand in front of the waterfall painting, the flow of the water should be pointing toward you. Alternatively, as mentioned earlier, you can place the waterfall painting towards your home’s center point. If the front door of your house is situated in the center and the doorknob is on the left side, you should place your waterfall painting on the right side. By placing it at the front door, you can help deflect all the negative energies and prevent them from entering the house. 

If you cannot find a suitable position in the North direction, you can find a good spot towards the Northeast, as the water element represents both the North and Northwest directions. The Northwest direction is also known as the Ishanya corner, according to Vastu, and is ruled by the Hindu God Lord Shiva, who serves as the ultimate Protector. Therefore, waterfall paintings are considered auspicious, especially for designing a home temple or Pooja room. 

It is vital to understand the appropriate position and direction for hanging your waterfall painting on the wall. For example, the living room is the best place for placing art depicting waterfalls or flowing rivers. It will not only uplift the family’s mood and emotions but also catch the guests’ attention. Similarly, putting up waterfall paintings in your office will boost career growth and financial stability. 

Directions to Avoid while Placing Waterfall Paintings 

 You should avoid placing any waterfall artwork in the following directions of your home: 

  • Southeast, as it is depicted by the fire element. 
  • Northwest, since the earth element represents it. 
  • Southwest, because this direction is represented by the wind element. 

You should avoid placing waterfall images or paintings other than the ones recommended by Vastu, as they may initiate negative emotions or impacts. Placing waterfall artwork in the wrong direction may give rise to conflicts between the family members. 

For instance, if you place a waterfall painting or photograph in the southeast direction, which is represented by the element of fire, it may reduce your efforts or willingness to grow in your career and achieve success. It may also give rise to quarrelsome tendencies among the inhabitants. 

Apart from that, you should avoid placing waterfall images or flowing river paintings in your bedroom, as it may create a flow of negative feelings and energies. Also, avoid placing it on the southern side, as it may harm the wife’s health. 

Things to Consider While Placing Waterfall Paintings in Your Home 

While placing waterfall paintings in your home, remember the following tips and recommendations. 

  • Avoid placing waterfall paintings in a spot having abstract designs or otherwise lacking clarity. 
  • Do not place oversized waterfall paintings, as it may affect the natural flow of position energies. Large paintings may obstruct the financial and career growth and prosperity of the members. If the waterfall painting appears larger than the premises, then it may affect the family’s growth. That’s because magnanimity may dominate the area with stronger energies, thus having a negative impact. 
  • While choosing a waterfall artwork from an offline or online art gallery, ensure that the water’s direction seems to flow towards you. 
  • Place the waterfall painting in a location where the water appears to flow or enter the house. Alternatively, the water flow should appear to be pointing toward the center of the house. 
  • Never place images or paintings of stagnant water in the house, as it may depict a stagnant career and no growth in life. Paintings of still waters may also symbolize no financial gains or improvement of income opportunities. So, avoid putting up such images in your home. Keep the water flowing to symbolize good events and overall growth in life. 

Final Words

Waterfall paintings are auspicious, and if placed in the right direction, according to Vastu Shastra, can boost financial stability, career growth, and prosperity. It brings positive thoughts and emotions into the home. Consider following Vastu Shastra’s recommendations before placing waterfall paintings. 

Since all the five elements of nature are also present in our bodies, we should make every effort to be in harmony with nature to ensure prosperity, financial well-being, emotional balance, and peace! Bring home a breathtaking flowing river or waterfall art and channelize positive energies in your home! 

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