April 18, 2024

The most popular sports to bet on in ME88 Sports Betting Malaysia

Sports betting Malaysia is now more popular than it has ever been. If you are looking to get started, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be taking a look at the sports to bet on in ME88, as well as other things to know about the online casino.

ME88 Sports Betting Malaysia

On the ME88 main homepage, there are several options to choose from. The sports category is the second link on the navigation bar, and when you click on it, you get three bookmakers, which are me88 sports, CMD368, and MAXBET. Each of these bookmakers offers several events from a large selection of sports. Some of the sports that you can enjoy on ME88 online casino include:


When it comes to sports betting Malaysia, football is the most popular sport available at all casinos. ME88 offers a wide variety of betting markets with incredible odds. Apart from betting on the Malaysian Premier League, you can also place real-money bets on European football leagues like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and Italian Serie A. There are also plenty of international football events to enjoy, such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Nations League, Euros, Copa America, and others.

Horse Racing

This is another sport that is extremely popular among Malaysian gamblers. Various tournaments take place within the country, on which ME88 players can place their bets. In addition, they can also bet on competitions that occur in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other parts of the world.


The Malaysia national basketball team represents the country in a number of international competitions. So, there are plenty of events for basketball lovers to place wagers on, including the FIBA World Cup, the NBA, and the EuroLeague.


Although Malaysians love field hockey, this sport is common on sports betting sites. Instead, there are lots of options for ice hockey betting, such as Malaysia’s NHL league and several other minor leagues.


Boxing and other martial arts events are quite interesting for Malaysians; therefore, boxing betting is very popular on ME88. The World Boxing Championships offer plenty of juicy matches, while there are many other events to enjoy.


Cricket is another sport that you can find on ME88 online casino. Since Malaysia participates in the international Twenty20 games and the Cricket World Cup, there are more events to bet on.


In the last couple of years, Malaysia’s national men’s rugby union has continued to make the country proud by qualifying for and participating in the International Rugby Union. ME88 offers plenty of betting markets on events from the Challenge Cup, the Six Nations, the Super League, and others.

Formula 1

Malaysians love to bet on Formula 1 events, but this is hardly surprising since the Malaysian Grand Prix was held in the country between 1999 and 2017.

These are only a few of the sports that are available on ME88 online casino. Players can also place wagers on volleyball, badminton, table tennis, baseball, golf, MotoGP, snooker, handball, water polo, darts, cycling, squash, and several others. The list is endless, so all you have to do is choose your preferred sport and understand the basics of how to place bets on it.


Additional Features at ME88 Sports Betting Malaysia

Apart from the large number of sports available to bet on at ME88, there are other features that make the platform a great choice for gamblers to place their bets. These include:

Live Betting

Live betting is the biggest advantage of online sports betting. It is also referred to as in-play betting because it allows you to continue to bet on the outcome of the match even after it has started. All three bookmakers on ME88 offer excellent live betting features, which help increase your chances of winning.

Bet Builders

With the bet builder feature, you can customize your bet exactly as you want it by choosing a number of selections on the same event. ME88 also allows you to combine bet builders across different fixtures to boost the odds. The difference between a bet builder and an accumulator is that with a bet builder, you can place wagers on related outcomes, while an accumulator does not allow that. For example, you can choose to wager on the winner of a football game, the number of goals scored, a goalscorer, as well as the number of shots, corners, and cards in a single bet.

Live Streaming

ME88 online casino offers live streams for selected events. This means that you can watch the matches live as they happen directly on the official ME88 website without any distraction. All you have to do is open an extra tab on your browser and enjoy.


Odds and Markets

Because the betting events are from three different bookmakers, ME88 utilizes different odds formats.

The most popular odds format for sports betting in Malaysia is the Malay format. The major difference between Malay odds and other formats is that they cannot be more than 1.00. Note that when the odds are positive, the probability of the outcome is greater than 50%. So when the odds are negative, the probability of the outcome is less than 50%.

Calculating your winnings is very straightforward, as when you get positive odds, just multiply the odds by your stake to get your profit. For instance, if you stake MYR 100 at odds of 0.88, it will give you a MYR 80 profit. If you get negative odds, then divide the stake by the odds to calculate your potential profit.

Another popular format for displaying odds is as decimal odds. This format is very common outside Asia and is generally known as the European odds. The European odds are quite similar to the Malay odds, even when you want to calculate your profits. However, remember that the European odds can exceed 1.00. For example, if you are staking MYR 100 and the odds are 1.82, you stand the chance to win MYR 182.

Final Thoughts

ME88 sports betting Malaysia is an excellent platform for new and experienced gamblers looking for an unforgettable gaming experience. The sports betting site offers a large selection of sports on three different bookmakers to ensure that all members are properly taken care of. There are also several other incredible features that make the casino unique. So, if you are looking for a complete package, ME88 online casino is a great option. Visit me88 official website https://www.me88safes.com/en-my/register to register now!

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