May 29, 2024

SD-WAN as a Service: A Cost-Effective Solution for Businesses

SD-WAN as a Service is bringing out a revolution enabling IT departments to deliver significantly greater business value. SD-WAN is the network approach everyone is looking for nowadays. It is the answer to the faster speed, security, reliability, and control challenges that network managers have faced since the inception of cloud computing. The growth of cloud technology has changed the way we work. While rewarding in terms of accessibility and flexibility, cloud technology has imposed a whole new set of demands on enterprise networks. Traditional WAN configurations were based on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) links that cannot keep up with the increasing performance demands. They were expensive and complicated. IT teams can only fix the problem by adding bandwidth as a short-term fix, which is quite costly and unsustainable.

 That’s why a solution called SD-WAN is preferred, which not only reduces costs but improves network agility, security, and overall performance. 


What is SD-WAN? 

SD-WAN is an evolution of traditional WAN that provides a more agile and cost-effective networking solution alternative for enterprises. Apply SD-WAN as a Service to improve business agility and versatility in the market.

 How To Implement SD-WAN?

There are many ways to procure and implement SD-WAN as a service, but the two most common ways are to purchase it from your carrier or Partner with a solution provider to help design, procure, and implement it. 

Using a Carrier

Using a carrier seems easy at the initial stage. You have to sign a contract, and you’re locked with it. This binds you to the service provider that restricts your network access and enables you to attach and remove providers selectively. It also limits the administrative power to add changes by the provider. 

Service Provider

Using service providers most organizations leverage the skills and knowledge of service providers when deploying SD-WAN. 

Service providers work with you to plan and build a network that meets your organization’s needs. This provider can ease the burden through the design, architecture, and implementation process. Following your existing procedures can reduce downtime and ensure a smooth transition to SD-WAN. However, most providers can also provide network support/management. 

 How Can SD-WAN as a Service Is A Cost- Effective Solution For My business? 

 SD-WAN as a Service is very attractive to a wide range of enterprises, mainly due to the benefits offered by SD-WAN service providers. 

Low Cost

Cost efficiency is one of the key benefits of SD-WAN as a service. SD-WAN helps organizations minimize WAN costs by over 90% by replacing or complementing private WAN networks. The same benefits apply to his SD-WAN as a Service.

 Fewer technical support iterations compared to WAN solutions. The decline in calls is due to the more excellent processing, storage, and transmission of WAN networks defined by software to the volume of data. Cloud structures are also great facilitators when it comes to streamlining maintenance logistics. Everything can be done online and remotely, thanks to the resources provided by the cloud. 

Improved Performance and Productivity 

SD-WAN solutions can automatically and dynamically direct data traffic over the optimal WAN path based on security conditions, quality of service requirements, and circuit costs. Network administrators define operational routing policies. Adopting this technology streamlines internal processes related to data management and corporate network management, significantly improving application performance and employee productivity.

By optimizing bandwidth by prioritizing traffic and providing transfer flexibility, SD-WAN offers significant benefits for businesses that rely on Internet connectivity. Managed SD-WAN enhances this advantage with continuous provider monitoring of the SD-WAN system, allowing enterprises to benefit from automatic provisioning and real-time adjustments by the service provider. 


While standard WAN solutions handle security across multiple devices, SD-WAN provides the same protection for all enterprise locations. SD-WAN as a service doubles down on this advantage by offering an integrated security solution managed by the service provider, enabling greater flexibility and more efficient protection. 

Maximum Utilization of All Available Network Connections

 SD-WAN solutions enable automatic workload balancing and network congestion management of WAN congestion for the best performance and the lowest cost of routing.

Using Inexpensive Broadband Connections

 SD-WAN solutions also measure the performance of WAN links in real time and quickly adapt to any imperfections the network may present. Instead of managing and maintaining the old WAN, the end-user pays to install and distribute WAN access to SD-WAN as a service provider. They also often come with ongoing maintenance, pre-installed software, and monitoring services, all of which help customers cut their IT costs. 

 Return on Investment

The SD-WAN solution is cost-effective because it increases the reliability of WAN services, the Internet leased line, and the mobile connection, significantly reducing telecommunication costs. An SD-WAN approach can solve many problems. WAN management has traditionally been one of the most expensive and inflexible aspects of operating an enterprise network.

 Cloud App Performance Boost – SD-WAN makes it quick and easy to add new circuits to sites needing more capacity. By connecting sites directly to the Internet, SD-WAN reduces the bottlenecks and delays common with traditional WANs. 

Improved Agility – Time is money when opening a new office. You can quickly set up a reliable and secure network with the best ISP for each location with SD-WAN. 

With SD-WAN as a Service, you can easily manage the functionality of your WAN devices. These devices are programmable and can be remotely modified and adapted to meet the environment’s needs.

As various users share an MPLS network, they incur more internet bandwidth costs. However, in an internet-leased line connection, a user owns the bandwidth. Internet leased lines provide exclusive internet bandwidth to the users. It is important to emphasize that SD-WAN as a Service can be used by companies in different segments and adapted in the best way to fit their internal processes and meet their needs. This allows you to deploy the right resources in each situation to maximize performance and productivity while minimizing costs.

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