April 18, 2024

Easy Steps to Increase Curb Appeal

Are you looking to add a little bit of curb appeal to your home? With a few small changes, you can improve the look and feel of your property in no time. Check out these simple steps – from planting flowers to power-washing the driveway – that are sure to give your home’s exterior an upgrade.

Clearing away weeds and clutter

Adding attractive landscaping and keeping it well-maintained is an easy and inexpensive way to increase curb appeal. Clearing away weeds and clutter from your garden beds and corners of your property can make an especially noticeable impact, promoting a sense of neatness that in turn gives the impression that the entire property has been taken care of.


Taking the extra time to shape corners symmetrically will further draw attention to the level of care and order you have put into creating an inviting exterior for guests and passersby alike. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference just a few minor changes can make when sprucing up your front yard!

A fresh coat of paint works wonders

Painting shutters, entry doors, and fences can be an easy way to dramatically increase curb appeal. It is also more cost-effective than replacing these parts. A new coat of paint immediately brightens a space and gives the house a refreshed look. It can help give the home that “new home” look without spending a fortune or taking on any major projects, plus there are so many colors and combinations to choose from!


When possible, opt for paints that are eco-friendly with lower levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to help maintain a healthy environment around the property. Painting projects may take some effort but it is an easy way to instantly improve the look of your home’s outdoor space and can make you proud of your residence while also raising its value in the market.

Brighten up with some cheerful flowers or shrubs

Investing in some cheerful flowers or shrubs is one of the quickest, easiest ways to increase your curb appeal and make your home look brighter. Planting a mix of annuals and perennials helps you to keep interested going throughout the seasons, so you can be sure that no matter when someone comes by, they’ll get an attractive view.


And if you don’t have a green thumb or lack time, no problem – there are plenty of hardy bloomers like hostas and coreopsis that could make a fabulous addition to any front yard.

For the walkway or stairs, keep them swept clean and brightened

One of the most underrated, yet easy ways to increase curb appeal is to make sure your walkways and stairs are swept clean and brightened with solar lighting accents. Investing in solar lights for your walkway or stairs is a great decision because solar lights will light up your home without any additional electricity costs as solar companies do all the hard work for you. As an added bonus, solar lighting adds a bit of elegance to your house’s exterior, making it easier to enjoy the scenery from the comforts of home. Get out there and start looking for solar companies that offer solar lights today!

Clean windowsills

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be as simple as cleaning your windowsills! Regularly cleaning your windowsills results in a much more attractive facade and, who knows, you may even increase the value of your home if you want to put it on the market one day. Cleaning windowsills is easy enough; all you need is warm, soapy water and a rag.


You’ll be surprised at how much grime has built up over time and how beautiful your house will look after. With such an easy step taken that makes a big impact, make sure to get started soon!

Pressure washing the driveway

Pressure washing the driveway is an easy way to give your home’s curb appeal an immediate boost. This can work wonders with just a few minutes of effort – no tedious preparation or messy chemicals required! The pressure washer removes dirt, debris, and stains from the surface of the driveway quickly and effectively, making it look brand new in no time at all.


Best of all, pressure washing is so efficient that you don’t have to worry about scratches or damage to the driveway’s surface. If you’re looking for a quick cost-effective way to make your home look good, then getting out the pressure washer and giving your driveway a thorough cleaning is a great place to start.

Painting damaged woodwork

Everyone loves a home that looks inviting and welcoming, and a great way to give your place an attractive face-lift is by painting damaged woodwork. It’s surprisingly simple; just start by washing the woodwork with detergent and water, then sand it down. Once you’ve got the job done, apply a coat of primer so your paint has something to adhere to.


When that has dried, you can finish up the look with high-quality outdoor paint. This process not only gives your home added character but also turns it into an eye-catching testament to the effort you’ve invested in maintenance and upkeep – perfect for those potential buyers out there!


There’s no better way to show off your beautiful home than by investing in these easy steps to increase its curb appeal!

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