July 12, 2024

Dante Edwards-Morrison: A Multifaceted Professional with a Heart for Helping Others



While it seems as if mainstream media can be aligned against young black men, pushing a narrative of misplaced aggression, anti-community sentiments, and dubious moral character, we discover Dante Edwards-Morrison, a man whose life was much too short, but whose impact on those around him will be remembered and cherished for years to come.


Throughout his young life, Dante was full of curiosity, nurturing several passions, but most prominent was his excitement about space and what the future of space travel may hold for the future of mankind. Like many young people, he intimately felt the call to awaken this generation and ring the alarm to an earth ravished by greenhouse gas emissions and the evidence of irreversible changes in climate patterns.


Dante’s curiosity led him to research the mysteries between heaven and earth, watch hours of documentary film on the latest cosmic discoveries, and eagerly follow each new rocket launch, excited about its potential for future generations. But Dante also had his feet firmly planted right here on earth – in service to humanity.


He was devoted to helping individuals with developmental disabilities and infused laughter and fun into the lives of those he served. He enjoyed his work as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) for Heritage Christian Services, an organization whose mission is to teach core living skills and provide housing and career services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


In his role, Dante’s unwavering patience, empathy, and profound respect for individuals with developmental disabilities made an indelible mark on their lives. His dedication to this often-overlooked population, in a world that often fails to recognize their potential, is a testament to his character and his commitment to helping others.


Before this position, Dante worked in sales and marketing for Raymour & Flanigan for more than five years. Dante loved interacting with people and sought jobs that allowed him to use his gift of gab. As a student at Lemoyne college, Dante spent much of his free time mentoring youth in the Syracuse public school district. He created and taught after school sessions for high school students that focused on helping them develop interpersonal skills and introduced them to the art of creating murals.


Dante was a multifaceted and complex young black man. One who developed a passion for collecting sneakers while working at Foot Action and Foot Locker during his high school and college years. His collection was not a testament to some hyped-up idol worship of athletes, rather, he studied and valued the artwork, construction and design quality of each pair he curated. He loved many genres of music and artists, from Rap and R&B to old school hip-hop and from contemporary to pop classics.


Today and forever, Dante Edwards-Morrison will be lovingly remembered by his family and friends as they keep his spirit of heart-felt service alive. But we all should be mindful of this single shining example, one of hundreds of thousands of young black men making a real difference in a world where the media often continues to paint a broad stroke of negativity.

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