May 27, 2024

8 Methods for Cleaning Expensive Jewelry

Whether diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, or pearl string, jewelry is arguably the most prized possession. And obviously, it needs a lot of care to keep its attraction intact.

But how do you ensure your jewelry doesn’t lose its shine and sparkle for years? This article has the answer.

Why Taking Care of Jewelry is So Important?

The love and admiration for these gemstones and small ornaments is everlasting. But, as you might know, jewelry also has a lifespan, which may shorten if you don’t take care of it properly.

Taking your rings, bracelets, or other jewelry items for cleaning every few months can be hectic. On the other hand, negligence and carelessness can destroy your trinkets even beyond repair.

That is why we suggest you clean your jewelry at home. For this purpose, there are numerous ways that will save your time and money.

We are enlisting some of them below.

8 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Squeaky Clean

Jewelry pieces dull over time, whether gold, silver, platinum, or even diamonds. The good thing is that you have access to things that can help you clean these items at home.

Unless your wedding jewelry has lost its charm and needs professional attention, here are a few ways to clean your expensive jewelry.

1. Use Vinegar For Diamond Jewelry

We think engagement rings are the only trinket that is worn religiously. Nobody takes it off, which is why cleaning is far more difficult.

We recommend that you immerse your engagement ring or other wedding day diamonds in water and vinegar with 1:2 ratios. Just ensure that you have placed all the jewelry pieces separately and they are not near. Let them soak in the water for around 20-minutes.

Rinse them with cold water and pat dry. Your trinkets will shine as they did on the first day you wore them.

2. Drop Your Ornaments In Ketchup

Yes! You heard it right. As much as it is difficult to clean a ketchup stain, they work just as good of a cleaning detergent for your jewelry.

You can use ketchup to clean your old, discolored gold and silver jewelry. Drop them in a bowl of ketchup and wait for a few minutes. Make sure you don’t leave the jewelry in there for too long because it can also damage the integrity of the jewelry pieces.

Take them out in 10-minutes and wash them under cold water. Suppose your ornaments have corners and nooks which are difficult to reach. Grab an old toothbrush and push the ketchup into the crevices of your trinkets.

Wash them and pat dry; your pieces are as good as new.

3. Smear Toothpaste On Your Trinkets

Toothpaste possesses mild abrasives that work as a great cleaning agent for gold and diamond jewelry. It helps in removing tarnish and stains from trinkets and makes your intricate pies shine as new.

Apply some plain white toothpaste to your diamond stud earrings or diamond tennis bracelet. Make sure not to use the herbal or gel types; they won’t work as efficiently as plain white toothpaste.

Make sure your jewelry is completely smeared and rub with your fingers for a few minutes. Rinse in lukewarm water and let the pieces dry on a towel. You will notice the sparkle within a few minutes after your jewelry is completely dry.

4. Baking Soda As A Jewelry Cleaning Agent

Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply the paste to your tarnished gold or silver jewelry pieces and let it smear for a few hours.

If you are cleaning gold jewelry, we suggest adding a little vinegar for effective results. Take a damp sponge and rub your jewelry pieces as gently as possible. Now rinse with cold water and buff dry.

Keep in mind that this method is not recommended for pearls and diamonds. It could tarnish gemstones, and they can lose their finish for good.

5. Dip Your Jewelry In Club Soda

Club soda can also make for an incredible cleaning agent. It can bring back the shine of gemstones, especially sapphire, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

Pour club soda into a bowl and dip all your gemstones in it for a few minutes. Rub them gently with your fingers, and then take them out. Rinse with cold water and pat dry; your gemstones will shine like they never lost their sparkle.

6. Use Aluminum Foil

Place a bowl and line it with aluminum foil. Pour your detergent and hot water in it, and then soak your ornaments that need cleaning. Keep it there for a minute at max, and then take it out. Wash them in cold water and then place them to dry. You can also use a soft cloth to pat dry the pieces.

It will also eliminate your jewelry’s unnecessary tarnish and discoloration, making them look as good as new.

7. Ammonia For Gold And Diamond Jewelry

Make a solution of ammonia with lukewarm water. Dip your gold and diamond jewelry in this mixture for 4-5 minutes.

Take your jewelry out and pat dry them with a soft cloth. We don’t recommend this method for cleaning pearls. It could destroy their delicate surface, and you would lose the shine.

8. Window Cleaner To Rescue

Lastly, if you want to clean your gemstones and bring them back to their original form, use a window cleaner. It is highly recommended for gemstones and old jewelry pieces.

Take a spray dispenser and fill it with the window cleaner. Now spray the cleaner on your jewelry while cleaning the nooks and corners of your trinkets with an old toothbrush. Make sure to remain gentle, so it doesn’t cause any scratches on the surface.

Wipe dry your jewelry, and it will sparkle like never before. Avoid using window cleaners for pearls. It could discolor or damage them.

Final Thoughts

You might think cleaning your jewelry will take a lot of time, but it doesn’t. All you need are the right tools, a few minutes, maybe even seconds, and you can ensure that your jewelry lasts longer than you can expect.

Just make sure you use the right products for the right trinkets so they may not damage your jewelry for good

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