June 20, 2024

6 Simple Ways To Prevent the Occurrence Of Kratom Wobbles

There is a misconception that only strong chemicals can cause significant damage to human beings. However, individuals fail to notice daily reactions that occur from the use of everyday products. Vendors make them believe that the products do not cause side effects. However, if you carefully observe, you will realize that excessive use of kitchen herbs like turmeric or cumin powder can lead to diarrhea. Similarly, excess consumption of ginger powder can lead to hot flushes, increased heart rate, or high blood pressure.

If you were unaware of the term earlier and willing to try out the ‘hyped’ compound, this article is your ultimate guide. It suggests that organic products can also cause harm to the body of human beings. However, the effects are not permanent. Therefore, we advise you to be aware of precautions and to follow them. You must also know about a product or a compound before using it. Individuals should be cautious, especially while using organic compounds like Kratom, as it may lead to kratom wobbles.

What Are Kratom Wobbles?

The generic definition of ‘wobbles’ is the unsteady movement of a human being or an object. When associated with humans, ‘wobbling’ may refer to an unnatural reaction to a substance or a product. It happens either when you introduce an alien product to your body or due to an overdose. Though it is considered a medical emergency, medical professionals consider it non-threatening.

The wobbles are a common phenomenon, and one can mainly experience them in the eyes. It happens when the user willingly or accidentally consumes more than the recommended organic compound dosage. Reports suggest that Red strains of Kratom are more likely to cause wobbles. It is interesting as the Green Kratom strain is the most potent.

How To Recover From Kratom Wobbles?

Several symptoms occur when one experiences Kratom wobbles. Let us help you learn how to recover from each of them.

Increased Heart Beat

One of the initial symptoms of a wobble is increased heart rate or sweating. However, you should not panic if you are experiencing these wobbles. Instead, we recommend staying in an open area where sufficient air circulation is sufficient. You should also drink water to lower your fast rate and normalize your blood pressure.


If you are nauseous, we advise you first to calm down and sit where you can breathe fresh air. It would help if you did not immediately start drinking water, as it will make you nauseous. Instead, try breathing in and out to remove anxiety from your mind. You can also take medication that will help you with nausea but under a doctor’s recommendation.


Dizziness is one of the last symptoms you would notice, and it would increase if you panic. So instead, you should lie down and relax. If you are not nauseous, drink water and take deep breaths. If the symptoms escalate, you should immediately call for help.

Reactions like Kratom wobbles are common reactions to organic compounds. Therefore, we ask readers not to panic as it will worsen their condition.

What Should You Do To Prevent Kratom Wobbles?

Kratom wobbles are a common occurrence among Kratom users. Thus, there are simple steps to avoid its occurrence.

Consume Kratom In Smaller Doses

The primary cause of Kratom wobbles is an overdose of the organic compound or its consumption. However, if you are a regular user who tried to ramp up the Kratom dosage without consulting a doctor, you may face Kratom wobbles.

It would be ideal if you never experimented with Kratom dosages without medical supervision. Thus, it would be ideal if you consume Kratom in smaller doses. However, if you notice no significant changes over a long period after consuming Kratom, you should consult a doctor to ask to increase your dosage.

If you are a beginner trying out this product for the first time, you may also experience these wobbles. We recommend starting with low doses and then slowly increasing them.

The ideal dosage for a beginner is 3 grams or less. It will be ideal if you start with 2 grams or 2.5 grams. The ideal dosage for an intermediate user is 3 to 5 grams. Experienced users can consume Kratom products up to 7 grams. However, no user should surpass 8 grams, as medical experts say it may lead to severe consequences.

Do Not Consume Kratom Frequently

If it is your first time trying Kratom, you should not consume it regularly. However, it will be ideal if you consume Kratom every alternative day or every two days.

The human body needs time to adapt to an alien compound. Though it naturally binds with the endocannabinoid system, the effects it produces are new to the body. The sudden change may lead to the reactions.

Consume Good Quality Kratom

The quality of the product also affects your Kratom journey. It indicates that the product is of low quality. Low-quality Kratom products may lead to the occurrence of Kratom wobbles. You should immediately stop if you are experiencing a reaction every time after consuming Kratom.

Drink Plenty Of Water

If you have started taking Kratom, you should increase your water intake. It will ensure that the blood flow in your body is normal, thus maintaining homeostasis. The habit will also flush toxins out of your body. It also helps normalize the heartbeat, ensuring your body is functioning normally. Thus, you should ensure that you drink at least ten glasses of water every day.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

If your diet lacks enough protein and nutrients, your body may be unable to sustain unnatural reactions. It won’t lead to a fatal consequence but may cause discomfort temporarily. Therefore, you should limit your junk consumption and pay more attention to the quality of the food you are consuming. You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out every day. Poor health conditions may also lead to wobbles that individuals may consider as Kratom wobbles.

Consult A Medical Expert

If you use Kratom and its extracts daily, you should seek medical advice before changing your product or dosage. It is crucial as minor changes in your routine may lead to side effects. Therefore, you should be under medical supervision.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is one of the most potent organic compounds on the market. Studies show it may bring positive changes in one’s health conditions if one uses it correctly. Proper compound use includes consuming the ideal dosage and purchasing it from a reliable vendor.

It is gaining popularity in the market and is therefore now widely available. However, before purchasing a Kratom product, you should check if it was lab-tested and comes from a reputed brand. You should also know facts like how long does kratom stay fresh to retain the potency of kratom and its products.

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