May 27, 2024

3 Ways to Show Love and Affection in a Long Distance Relationship

Leaning Into Surprising Possibilities

The world has decentralized to the point where some of the world’s finest romances started in countries that have never shared a border. A young lady in Tokyo might court a young man in New York City through the internet. The two might meet once or twice a year until they decide to marry, and then start life in South Africa—or wherever is convenient.

The point is, today’s technological capabilities in concert with travel possibilities make long-distance relationships more “doable” than they’ve ever been. Following we’ll explore a few ways you can keep the spark alive in such a relationship, even if there are thousands of miles between you and the one you love.

  1. Flowers Are Always a Classic Move

She is going to love flowers whether she’s from Moscow, Russia, or Christchurch, New Zealand. Flowers smell great, they’re beautiful, and they’ve been sent to show romance across the world since men and women started courting. Maybe she’s just a town over, maybe you both have to work a lot and can’t see one another.

Whatever the case, a great way to keep love alive with your remote lover is to send them a bouquet. You can go large or small, depending on the occasion. The card is important. Try to always include some sort of personal message only your significant other will understand.

  1. Candy-Grams and Shipped Gifts Are to be Recommended

Like flowers, you can send candy grams in 2022. In fact, there are “gift boxes” you can buy for your lover that provides them with treats of one variety or another every month. A candy gram might just be a one-off with a fine little love letter. A subscription service is even better, but it doesn’t have quite the same level of thought to it.

With a subscription, you just buy it and forget about it. With candy grams, you’ve got to dedicate thought to the gift. Beyond either option, if you ship them a box full of personal items and gifts, that’s also going to show you care. Sometimes it’s best to go all out, sometimes it isn’t. It all depends on the situation.

3. Planning Trips, FaceTime, Calls, and Keeping in Touch

When you live a few miles or a few hundred miles from the one you love, getting together can be hard. What you’ll want to do is organize trips together, and when you finally meet up, forget about the whole world. FaceTime, where you can see her and she can see you, is also a fine move. Phone calls are a good idea, too, as are digital messages online. Whatever works.


Long-Distances Relationships Can and do, Work: With Effort

Trips, FaceTime, calls, keeping generally in touch, candy grams, shipped gifts, subscription boxes, and bouquet deliveries are all fine ways to keep the spark alive between you and your remote lover. Long-distance relationships can definitely work, you just need to put a little effort into them. Today, perhaps more than ever, such options can blossom into a lifelong romance.


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